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Getting a legitimate TEFL certificate is so easy! Let's prove it!

If you have a good command of English, we can help you turn it into a career even without a Bachelor’s Degree. The only thing you really need to have in order to do this is to be certified in TEFL. We are talking about teaching English abroad. It's a wonderful opportunity to have a high-paying job and combine work with traveling around the world. With a TEFL certificate, you can enjoy total freedom and financial independence.

TEFL means 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language'.This is a well-known and prestigious international certification program. It allows native speakers to teach English overseas. It's the most widely available qualification for people who want to teach foreign students in countries where English isn't an official language.

Many opportunities open up with TEFL certification:

  • TEFL certificate has no expiration date like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • You can work as a foreign language teacher with a high salary in China, the UAE, Korea, etc.
  • In many countries, your TEFL certificate can replace a university degree. Or they can be used together!
  • You'll gain new skills and improve your ability to plan, explain and manage lessons.
  • You'll achieve a higher level of language proficiency and become part of a global professional community of teachers.

You can find a wide range of the most respected and trusted TEFL certification programs on our Teach English Abroad website. In addition, our resource has lots of useful information for anyone interested in becoming a teacher without a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Remember, it's no reason to give up on your dream of teaching English overseas, even if you're not a native speaker.

How about other certification programs?

TEFL is not the only international training available for those wishing to teach English. You can choose from three main options: CELTA, DELTA or TESOL. Let's take a quick look at each one:

  1. If you want to work as a teacher with non-native speakers abroad, TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language is sufficient.
  2. TESOL, also known as Teaching English for Speakers of other Languages, provides you the opportunity to instruct native speakers and help them with improving knowledge of various aspects of the language such as writing, grammar, etc.
  3. CELTA or Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults is the Cambridge University certification program that will make you a professional teacher ready to work anywhere.
  4. DELTA or Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults allows you to become a methodologist or academic director in any country, as well as training future teachers. You must have a CELTA before you can take the DELTA.

Looking for the first international certificate? Then TEFL is the best choice, because you can enroll online and it has the lowest requirements and price.It also enables you to travel and teach students almost all over the world.

Choice of TEFL course options

Are you ready to open a brand new chapter in your life with a TEFL certificate? Then the most important step is the search for a good course. Before making your final decision, consider several things:

  1. Accreditation
    The TEFL certificate awarded by your course should be accredited by ALTE, English Profile, QuiTE, British Council, NCFE, ACCET, IATEFL, ODLQC, ACTDEC and other independent international organizations. And if you want to gain CELTA certification in the future, make sure your program is affiliated with Cambridge University.
  2. Training format
    Some courses can be taken online, others require face-to-face attendance. If you are abroad, look for a program that allows you to study remotely. Fortunately, most programs allow you to study online from any country.
  3. Length of training
    The standard TEFL course lasts 120 hours. It usually consists of two parts. The main part is the training (about 100 hours). Teaching practice takes about 20 hours.
  4. Teaching practice with students
    It's impossible to become a good teacher without classroom practice, isn't it? So any quality TEFL certification program will usually include between 6 and 20 hours of such practice. Even if you study online.
  5. Teacher experience and qualifications
    To achieve your TEFL certification goals, you need to learn from real professionals. They should be good at teaching English and developing teachers at the same time. Check the professional background of your potential teachers before you book them.
  6. Student Support
    What kind of support does the program offer? It can be varied and include introductions to recruiters, prestigious colleges and universities. Some courses help students find their first job or prepare for interviews. This is very important for building a career as an English teacher.
  7. Reasonable price
    A very important point in choosing a course is a fair price. Check the program and other conditions carefully to make sure it's a good deal for you.

Average tuition

For many people, price is the most important factor when choosing a TEFL certification program. The price can vary in a wide range. It depends on several things like

  • What you can do with a certificate
  • Education format: offline, overseas or virtual.
  • The amount of teaching practice.
  • Student support quality and conditions.

Looking for the best price? Then choose a good and reputable online program. The average cost in this case is around $300 to $600. 

If you've already decided where you'd like to teach, we recommend that you get your TEFL certification here. This is the best way in the long run, but of course it is more expensive. Be prepared to spend up to $2000 or even $3000 on your studies. And don't forget the cost of flights and accommodation!

TEFL Certification: Online vs. Offline

Virtual technologies is making our lives easier and giving us new opportunities. Imagine, thousands of people have already realized their dreams of work and travel abroad by taking online courses. Earning your TEFL certificate online has many advantages:

  1. You can study at home without changing your schedule, habits or lifestyle.
  2. You choose the time of your lessons and the pace of your training.
  3. There are no extra travel costs.
  4. The best program from different universities are available to you. Choose exactly what you want to get the result you need.

A huge number of people have already obtained a TEFL certificate online. So why are you still waiting for something to happen? Get on with it!

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