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How to choose the best school to get TEFL certificate? We know the right way to achieve this goal. Let's read TEFL reviews from students of three different schools on this page: TEFL-TESOL-Certification, Manhattan College TEFL Certification Program and OISE University of Toronto TEFL. These reviews will help you find out the main advantages and disadvantages of each available option before buying the course. Read and learn TEFL reviews properly to make the right choice!

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Kales is my name. Although I recently received my degree, I did not major in English. But I was considering going into teaching English. I don't feel ready to leave my family just yet, so that is a nice option for me to work remotely from anywhere. There are certain prerequisites for English teachers, I discovered when I began my internet job hunt. I wasn't the right candidate, to be honest. I lacked any international credentials like the CAE, IELTS, or CELTA. I then made the decision to learn more about tests and training so I could demonstrate my aptitude for teaching others while also advancing my professional expertise. This is the reason I signed up for this TEFL/TESOL course. I really enjoyed the course, especially the final section on creating a résumé and finding employment. There was so much useful information that I found really helpful. I'm very delighted to be working in Cambly right now.

OISE University of Toronto TEFL


My experience during the online course was excellent because of parts of teaching that I was not aware of. A lot of resources were suggested that would make life easier during a teaching abroad experience.

Comparing to what other TEFL programs people have taken and the knowledge I gained, I believe this one is the most complete and resourceful. Specially if you want to take teaching seriously and make a difference for the students while you teach.

I found that having a university backing up the program gave it that much prestige; I know some people say it doesn't matter where you get your TEFL from, but if the university is recognized overseas, that might just be the difference.

Manhattan College


The TEFL course was very enjoyable and the content was great. I enjoy how they make sure that you are learning everything about teaching English from creating lesson plans to preparing yourself into going overseas. I am very excited to start my journey overseas and see everything it has to offer. I leave in a month for South Korea and could not be more happy. Everyone in the process has been great from the start of my TEFL course to finding a job and going overseas.



My ideal place to gain TEFL certification.
There is no doubt that the TEFL-TESOL Certification course is a first class destination for obtaining TEFL certification. Personally, having recently completed my training, I am thoroughly satisfied with the experience. The practical teaching experience provided during the program is undoubtedly the most invaluable aspect for my future in the field.